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You may have seen many videos or even started investing in Stocks, REITs, FOREX or Mutual Funds in hopes to earn a passive income to achieve financial freedom.
BUT never seem to work out. You struggle each day to understand the strategies and the know-how

Your time and effort spent does not seem to generate enough extra income to reach the financial freedom lifestyle that you are seeking.

Different investment assets have different difficulty levels and varying level of returns too. Some are low-risk low-return. Others are high-risk-high returns.

Nobody likes risky investment but everyone wants HIGH returns.

This is where we come in on our upcoming live webinar, we will share with you how you can get HIGH returns with MANAGED RISK.

“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing” ~ Warren Buffett

Let us be frank, Option Trading is NOT STRAIGHT FORWARD.
BUT the returns are fantastic as you can leverage and  spent little money to generate high returns.

With our step-by-step Smart, Simple and Safe Core Invest methodology, G.E.M Formula and Jewel CII Index, we will help you to manage with 5 levels of Risk Reduction Strategies.

All we need is your ears & determination to learn.

This 3-hour webinar is suitable for


You have been researching online to find out way on how to trade & invest. Have a basic understanding of investing & options trading.


You have some experience in investing but are not able to generate significant returns.


You are looking for a structured roadmap and mentorship to accelerate and double your returns.

What Will Be Covered During The Free Webinar

Learn these 6 points and immediately improve on your options trading

How to Find Undervalued Stocks Fast Using The G.E.M Formula?

The essence of trading options is to find the winning stocks but the process is often tedious. With the G.E.M formula, you can replace hours of painful research into minutes of accurate and quick analysis.

Why Value Investing
Does Not Make Sense in 2020?

Value Investing popularised by well-known investment gurus such as Warren Buffet is fantastic if you have days and weeks to spend on researching stocks. In today’s rapid-changing investment landscape, speed is crucial and time is a luxury.

Why Options Does Not Require Huge Capital to Get High Returns?

Options Trading is highly-profitable. Thus unlike Stocks, REITs and Mutual Funds, you can start with very little capital and yet make higher returns  than Stocks, REITs, FOREX and Mutual Funds. You can also trade options for indexes and futures as well!

How to Reduce Risk in Options Trading?

Trading Options is not easy. But we can drastically reduce the risk in a smart way to enjoy the high returns. With 5 levels of risk management, we show you how to lower your capital, thus exposure (risk).

How to Time Entry & Exit with Option Trading?

Options trading is all about timing your entry & exit in order to maximise your profits or minimise your loss. We will show you how the methods to achieve the best results.

How to Trade Options?
with Live Demo

We will show you how to trade options LIVE with our trainers! Do not miss this opportunity.

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Core Power Options Course

Full 2-Day Course Curriculum

We will be covering the highlighted points below during the free webinar.

Module #1:  Stocks Fundamental Quick Booster
(For those with little experience in stock investment)

  • Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
  • Core Investing Methodology
  • GEMs Introduction to Stock Research
  • Macro economy awareness on Stock Market
  • Micro economy awareness on Stock Market
  • Calendar Effect on Stock Market
  • CII Index Introduction

Module #2: Stocks Timing Entry and Exit
(For those with little experience in stock investment)

  • Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Setting Up Your Charting Platform
  • Creating a Watchlist
  • Utilising Support & Resistance as Supply & Demand Zones
  • Mastering Moving Averages
  • Mastering Indicators: Trend Following & Oscillators
  • Mastering Powerful Candlestick Patterns and Price Action Trading
  • Mastering 4 Star Indicators for entry and exit
  • Reading and Analysing an Option Chain

Module #3: Basic Option Introduction

  • Call and Put Options and their Vocabulary
  • Utilising Standard Deviations for Options
  • Call and Put Options Mechanism and Game Rules
  • Option Pricing: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Value
  • The Greeks: Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega and Rho
  • Understanding the Payoff charts, break even and Profit & Loss

Module #4: Owning Stocks at a Huge Discount with Cash Secured Puts

  • Strategy: Selling Cash Secured Puts
  • Monthly Cashflow Generation
  • Profitable Entry and Exit Execution Rules

Module #5: Generating Extra Income with Covered Calls

  • Strategy: Selling Cash Secured Puts
  • Monthly Cashflow Generation
  • Profitable Entry and Exit Execution Rules

Module #6: Understanding Long Calls and Puts

  • Strategy: Steps to Execute Long Calls when Very Bullish
  • Strategy: Steps to Execute Long Puts when Very Bearish

Module #7: Hedging a Portfolio with Protective Puts

  • Strategy: Buy Insurance to Protect Your Stock Portfolio in a Bear Market
  • Steps to Calculating the Perfect Hedge with Deltas
  • Profitable Entry and Exit Execution Rules

Module #8: Bullish Strategy: Buying Vertical Call Spreads

  • Profiting from Bullish Stocks with Limited Risk and a Fixed Target Price
  • Lower Risk Compared to Selling Cash Secured Puts: Cheaper
  • The Best Time to Execute this Strategy
  • Profitable Entry and Exit Execution Rules

Module #9: Bearish Strategy: Buying Vertical Put Spreads

  • Profiting from Bearish Stocks with Limited Risk and a Fixed Target Price
  • Lower Risk Compared to Selling a Straight Call: Cheaper
  • The Best Time to Execute this Strategy
  • Profitable Entry and Exit Execution Rules

Module #10: Managing Positions

  • Steps to determine the 4 Basic Options Management
  • Utilising Payoff charts, break even and Profit & Loss
  • Determine Profit Zone, Danger Zone, Loss Zone
  • The Best Time to Execute Management

Module #11: Adjusting Positions

  • Steps to determine the 9 Options Adjustment strategies
  • Determine Level 1-3 Defense Adjustment Mechanism
  • The Best Time to Execute Adjustment

Module #12: Risk Management

  • 5 Risk Reduction Strategies
  • Steps to determine diversification
  • Tips and Tricks from Past Experiences
  • Capital Allocation
  • Extra Bonus on Options “Know-How”



Core Invest Institute aspires to be a vital community to provide essential investment and financial education using analytical tools and proven investment strategies to equip current and future-ready investors.

We believe in simplifying the teaching of step-by-step intensive yet comprehensive practical concepts and strategies, which our community can invest …. smart and safe in the stock and option markets.



Jeremy Tan is a full time stock and options trader who manages an investment portfolio with 20% return on investment. His strategies focuses on Mid to Long term investments such as high growth Stocks, Commodities & Options. He believes in investing in strong companies that appreciates in the Long Run.

He understands that the market is unpredictable and volatile due to various market conditions therefore he is well updated with the latest news, events & investment strategies.

Jeremy started his investment journey over 10 years ago focusing on stocks and options investment. With a focus to build a supportive local community, he founded Core Invest Institute with Waimin.

Option Trader Jeremy


Waimin is a full time stock and options trader who manages an investment portfolio with 60% return on investment. His strategies focuses on Short to Mid term investments such as Futures, Indexes, Stocks & Options. He believes that every trade needs a strong set-up to profit successfully.

He is well versed with technical analysis knowledge and applies diligently to the current market. He believes that a good entry is far better than repairing one.

Over the past 20 years, he has been a trader in Stocks, Unit Trusts, Structured Notes & Options investments and he teaches Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and Options Trading.


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