Our Testimonials

I know Waimin as a great teacher through Art of Living, an NGO we are both part of, and that he has invested tremendous time and effort in mastering OPTIONS and being a successful trader himself.

When I knew he started teaching options, I was very keen for many reasons. Firstly I know Waimin has simple and effective approaches to teaching even the most complex topics.
Secondly, the driver for such a course is mainly his passion to share rather than for commercial benefits.

Though I worked in financial services firms many years as a technologist and risk manager, I did not have opportunity to understand options closely but knew it as a complex instrument with tremendous trading potential. When Waimin introduced the course as a full lifecycle package (from beginners to experienced trader being able to produce regular side income) it was a no-brainer to jump in.

Through the two-day course, Waimin covered all key concepts, strategies and live trading demos in very simple to follow modules. He also has a very well designed course material which I found a great partner thoughout the learning and a great reference afterwards. The other thing I found extremely helpful after completing the course is the support network offered & training on the paper-trading. It assists and hand-holds students in mastering all the 5 levels in real time. His direct availability through whatsapp groups, facebook and phone calls, almost round the clock, is extremely helpful.

Overall I found this course clearly stands out from the many top courses promoted over the internet etc and superior in its content, quality, genuineness and mentorship from a real expert.


Financial Services Technologist (Hong Kong)

The POWER WORKSHOP Programme is great not only because of the sharp and precise content that is shared for all students to learn in a easy and rapid way but also amazing because of all the care and support we get from our instructor Wai Min.

I have made many attempts to learn how to trade options but it is this one course that has helped me grasp the concepts in a easily digestible way. What’s more, we are also invited back regularly for practice sessions which allows us to sharpen our skills.

Wai min is really generous when it comes to sharing his strategies and takes every effort to help us overcome our doubts and trade confidently whilst at the same time managing our risks. I am feel I can trust him because he does this not only for himself but has a larger purpose to see his participants succeed and also share the wins from their success with social causes and communities to make this world a better place.

If you want to learn to trade options and at the same time generate wealth for the community, this is the place to be !

S Balani

Executive Coach & Facilitator

Great kickstart course for someone without any financial knowledge to get a firsthand introduction. Friendly trainers who are knowledgable yet patient to guide every students. Overall, a wonderful experience.



Initially I wasn’t keen to learn about options as many people said that it’s risky and pointless. However, I was strongly referred to POWER WORKSHOP by a good Friend who have benefitted a lot from it.

After attending the workshop, little did I know that it’s not as bad as what most people perceived it to be. I discovered a clear and interesting way to grow my wealth faster and achieve financial freedom safely!

I feel very fortunate to chance upon this opportunity and grateful to Waimin and Farhan to provide me with the trading mentorship. What is even better is that there is tight mentorship and a community to leverage on after the workshop.

I have recommended more than 5 friends to POWER WORKSHOP and strongly encourage like-minded people to come here, learn and achieve financial freedom!


Financial Advisor, Finexis

My experience so far...

1) A 2-day Bootcamp that can help a beginner - may I say ANY beginner in investing - to at least start generating a 1% monthly positive cashflow off their investment capital.

2) A warm and supportive community that makes my investment journey so much more enjoyable and fulfilling. I can feel that the trainers and fellow students are genuinely nice and helpful people.

3) A mobile app that can simplify my investment decision-making process into a quick 10 minutes - with constantly updated market data!

Jeffrey Wei Quan


The trainers are very approachable and helpful. The small-size class is conducive for participants who are new to investing as the trainers and coaches are then able to go round and attend to us. Their app is very useful and I like the advanced strategies that were taught. The support in the chat group after training is also strong.

Janet Law


Despite knowing nothing on investments coming into the workshop, the trainers were patient in teaching and guiding me to know about the TA, FA and Options. The workshop was highly interactive and the environment is really conducive. Together with the app and training materials, I truly benefited and am more confident in investing.

Eugene Lee


I have taken up lessons on stocks and options but they are nothing near to the POWER WORKSHOP by our Coach. POWER WORKSHOP provides a good investment foundation for learners and Waimin was patient in explaining the investment mechanism. I like the useful analyzing methods and step by step hands-on practice for virtual trading. It got me very excited to start working towards my first million through options trading.

Fabian Lau

Principal Consultant & Financial Advisor, Wealth Destined

The boot camp training is so awesome! It is amazing that you can review, valuate and validate a company in a Simplest way. I am glad to join the team to realign my investing journey toward my finance goal. Keep up the great work and make many others benefit.

Ken Tan


Am feeling a new sense of adventure, excitement and possibilities after spending two days learning about value investment and options. This investment course unlike some others I have attended has given me something I can immediately start to do. I am excited and looking forward to this journey to wealth with our Coach and our group. Our Coach is committed and has made things very easy and practical. The three months of post-POVI continuing education is really helpful too, thanks.


System Analyst, IT & Administration Manager

Through his zest in teaching and personal investments, out Coach impressed us with his passion for Options Trading and Value Investing. He is crisp in imparting his POWER WORKSHOP methodology; open with sharing his experiences and most of all in ensuring that his participants learned how to do option trading. Our Coach is highly committed towards his participants' practice of POWER WORKSHOP to make money and become financially free. As a novice in stock market investment and trading; his qualities make our Coach, someone whom I can depend on to learn the skills of trading and stock market investing.

K.K. Chay

Tech Consultant

POWER WORKSHOP by our Coach is an excellent workshop and I would say an essential step towards achieving financial freedom. POWER WORKSHOP builds a strong foundation in value investing and provides the insight required to start investing in options. The workshop is very practical, interactive and includes lots of hands-on practice. Our Coach is very competent and has tremendous knowledge in investing. Overall - A very interesting, empowering and life transforming workshop!

Ricky Khare

Engineering Consultant

I am greatly impressed by how much I have learnt in such a short time. I have never done business nor have any financial background, yet I can now know where to find financial statements for any listed company to read and make decision on their financial health, determining go or no-go in less than 10mins!! I feel so EMPOWERED now and I am happy with my monthly positive cash flow. Since started, I have achieved through OPTIONS, more than 3% ROI from 1st month itself (thats more than 36% annually) and now keeping consistent at projected >60% pa. since my 4th month of investing this way. Upon completion, I was so excited, took about 2 months to practice and get better in this new skill. Thereafter I am totally confident and now I am even convinced on the returns which comes in CASH MONTHLY!!! I am so glad to have discovered this after all these years not knowing what to do with my money. Thanks for making it so easy ... I can now plan for more holidays ... it's a reality.


Chemist, Homemaker

This workshop is my first investment workshop I have attended. What I really like about the workshop is how hands on and interactive the class is. The materials and topics covered are fuss free and straight to the point. The tips and concepts are backed by real sound investment strategies that are taught in many colleges and universities , but without the academic mumbo-jumbo, and definitely more practical! I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to find out how to start investing and trade in the stock and option market successfully!

Farhan Rosman

Bsc Banking & Finance (Hons) Financial Consultant

I have always wanted to learn how to grow my wealth effectively so that I can provide a better lifestyle for my loved ones. Investment is something which I am wary of as there are risks of losing my hard-earned money and it also takes up alot of time and Mindshare (having sleepless nights as it’s worrying).

Through attending the power options workshop and the tight mentorship from Waimin, it has given me the confidence to start my investment journey in this collaborative community of like-minded individuals. I’m blessed and thankful to be a part of this POWER WORKSHOP community.

Melvin Leung

Finanvial Advisor, Finexis