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By Creating a Smart, Simple, Step-by-step
personal investment plan to grow your income stream
With Stocks

This is a free workshop on topic of basic Stocks investing (worth $2000)
No prior knowledge of the Stock Market is required

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Why should you join us?

It’s never too early to start your journey to success, and that includes learning about the stock market.

Investing is one of the most important skills in building a successful life.
 Unfortunately, many adults lack it. 

Considering how important investing is for navigating life, it’s surprising how little is taught in schools, making it all the more important for us to develop these crucial life skills.

The Stock Market is an investing platform that allows your to invest in many different assets & companies.Some are low-risk and others a high risk.

Nobody likes risky investment but everyone wants GOOD returns.

This is where we come in on our upcoming workshop,
 we will share with you all about the stock market and how to find good companies.

“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing” ~ Warren Buffett

Let us be frank, the Stock Market is NOT STRAIGHT FORWARD.
BUT with proper knowledge and tools, you are able to manage and track your personal finance and investment, and even start to generate passive income.

In a nutshell, you are going to learn the secrets to invest successfully in the Stock Market. Ultimately, it aims to evoke a desire in participants to attain real

All we need is your ears & determination to learn.

This 3-hour Physical Meeting is suitable for


You just started your career, having no financial background. You are looking for ways to be financially literate & grow your assets


You are a professional, have been working for many years. You have dabbled on investing but not getting the returns that you are hoping for.

What Will Be Covered in this Workshop

4 main points that we will focus on.

Asset Classes

Learn about all the different asset classes and key investment instruments to build a good portfolio

Decision Making

Learn to make decisions and manage their finances to survive the volatility of the economy

Strategic Thinking

Learn how to compound your money using powerful & safer investment strategies

Reseach Tools

Learn how to use research tools to find good companies in less than 15 minutes.

Register Now For Free
3-hour Stocks Workshop

Core Investing Stocks Course

Full 1.5-Day Course Curriculum

We will be covering the highlighted points below during the free webinar.

  • Module #1:  General Investment
    • Diversification
    • Different Asset Classes
    • Type of Market Securities

    Module #2: Stock Introduction

    • History
    • Stock Introduction
    • Stock Type
    • Stock Holder’s Rights
    • Common Stocks Vs Preferred Stocks
    • Stock Trading Strategies

    Module #3: Stocks Market Overview

    • Stock Market
    • Sectors
    • Industries

    Module #4: ETFs & Funds

    • ETF Introduction
    • Index Fund Introduction
    • Mutual Fund Introduction
    • How to Analyse ETFs

    Module #5: Commodities

    • Commodities Introduction
    • How to reduce risk in Commodities
    • Gold
    • Silver

    Module #6: Fundamental Analysis

    • Qualitative Analysis
    • Economic Moat
    • Business Risk

    Module #7: Core Investing Methodology

    • Core Investing VS Value Investing
    • GEMs Ranking
    • Quantitative Analysis
    • Insider Buying & Selling
    • Economic Awareness
    • Calendar Effect
    • How to conduct Stock Research
    • Hands on Research

    Module #8: Stocks Timing Entry & Exit
    (For those with little experience in stock investment)

    • Introduction to Technical Analysis
    • Setting Up Your Charting Platform
    • Creating a Watchlist
    • Utilizing Support & Resistance as Supply & Demand Zones
    • Mastering Moving Averages
    • Mastering Indicators: Trend Following & Oscillators
    • Mastering Powerful Candlestick Patterns & Price Action Trading
    • Mastering 5 Star Indicators for Entry & Exit
    • Reading & Analyzing an Option Chain

    Module #9: Risk Analysis

    • Shiller PE Ratio
    • Cash Investment Ratio
    • Position Sizing
    • Portfolio Management

    Module #10: Introduction to Basic Options

    • Options Introduction
    • Options Basics
    • Demonstration

    Module #11: Summary

    • FATAMA
    • Steps to Success & Profitability

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    3-hour Stocks Workshop



    Jeremy Tan is a full time stock and options trader who manages an investment portfolio with 20% return on investment. His strategies focuses on Mid to Long term investments such as high growth Stocks, Commodities & Options. He believes in investing in strong companies that appreciates in the Long Run.

    He understands that the market is unpredictable and volatile due to various market conditions therefore he is well updated with the latest news, events & investment strategies.

    Jeremy started his investment journey over 10 years ago focusing on stocks and options investment. With a focus to build a supportive local community, he founded Core Invest Institute with Waimin.


    Option Trader Jeremy


    Waimin is a full time stock and options trader who manages an investment portfolio with 60% return on investment. His strategies focuses on Short to Mid term investments such as Futures, Indexes, Stocks & Options. He believes that every trade needs a strong set-up to profit successfully.

    He is well versed with technical analysis knowledge and applies diligently to the current market. He believes that a good entry is far better than repairing one.

    Over the past 20 years, he has been a trader in Stocks, Unit Trusts, Structured Notes & Options investments and he teaches Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and Options Trading.


    Wai Min Photo

    Register Now For Free
    3-hour Stocks Workshop

    Our Testimonials

    The trainers are very approachable and helpful. The small-size class is conducive for participants who are new to investing as the trainers and coaches are then able to go round and attend to us. Their app is very useful and I like the advanced strategies that were taught. The support in the chat group after training is also strong.

    Janet Law


    Despite knowing nothing on investments coming into the workshop, the trainers were patient in teaching and guiding me to know about the TA, FA and Options. The workshop was highly interactive and the environment is really conducive. Together with the app and training materials, I truly benefited and am more confident in investing.

    Eugene Lee


    Am feeling a new sense of adventure, excitement and possibilities after spending two days learning about value investment and options. This investment course unlike some others I have attended has given me something I can immediately start to do. I am excited and looking forward to this journey to wealth with our Coach and our group. Our Coach is committed and has made things very easy and practical. The three months of post-POVI continuing education is really helpful too, thanks.


    System Analyst, IT & Administration Manager

    Through his zest in teaching and personal investments, out Coach impressed us with his passion for Options Trading and Value Investing. He is crisp in imparting his POWER WORKSHOP methodology; open with sharing his experiences and most of all in ensuring that his participants learned how to do option trading. Our Coach is highly committed towards his participants' practice of POWER WORKSHOP to make money and become financially free. As a novice in stock market investment and trading; his qualities make our Coach, someone whom I can depend on to learn the skills of trading and stock market investing.

    K.K. Chay

    Tech Consultant

    This workshop is my first investment workshop I have attended. What I really like about the workshop is how hands on and interactive the class is. The materials and topics covered are fuss free and straight to the point. The tips and concepts are backed by real sound investment strategies that are taught in many colleges and universities , but without the academic mumbo-jumbo, and definitely more practical! I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to find out how to start investing and trade in the stock and option market successfully!

    Farhan Rosman

    Bsc Banking & Finance (Hons) Financial Consultant

    I have always wanted to learn how to grow my wealth effectively so that I can provide a better lifestyle for my loved ones. Investment is something which I am wary of as there are risks of losing my hard-earned money and it also takes up alot of time and Mindshare (having sleepless nights as it’s worrying).

    Through attending the power options workshop and the tight mentorship from Waimin, it has given me the confidence to start my investment journey in this collaborative community of like-minded individuals. I’m blessed and thankful to be a part of this POWER WORKSHOP community.

    Melvin Leung

    Financial Advisor

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