Personal Finance Daily: U.S. consumers made a record number of complaints in 2020, and 11 million Americans face an unemployment-benefits ‘cliff’ if lawmakers don’t extend COVID-19 relief programs


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U.S. consumers made a record number of complaints in 2020 — this was their No. 1 grievance

‘As consumers dealt with the economic fallout of the pandemic, they increasingly faced problems with financial companies.’

11 million Americans face an unemployment-benefits ‘cliff’ if lawmakers don’t extend COVID-19 relief programs

President Biden’s stimulus package proposal would allow gig workers, independent contractors and self-employed workers to continue to collect unemployment benefits through September.

How COVID-19 is keeping kids away from the dentist — especially children on Medicaid

Kids with oral-health issues are more likely to experience problems at school and miss school days.

‘Asian-American businesses are dealing with two viruses’: Reeling from racist incidents, many are hurting financially during COVID-19

Almost a quarter of employed Asian Americans work in hospitality and leisure, retail, or ‘other services’ industries like personal care.

We started a homeschool pod with another family. After our out-of-state vacation, they isolated from us and refused to split the nanny cost for 2 weeks. Who’s right?

‘I still paid my share of the nanny during our absence and intended to pay the nanny in full after our return, although I did not agree with their assessment.’

My wife has homeschooled our son and our best friends’ son since September due to COVID-19. Is it too late to bring up money?

‘She’s putting in about 15 to 20 hours each week. The two families have shared the costs of the curriculum, school supplies and art supplies.’

My brother owes $10K to our late father’s estate. There’s no loan agreement and I’m executor. How should I approach repayment?

‘He feels that if he had paid this money back before Dad passed, he would still get half back, and therefore owes $5,000.’

Teachers were already leaving the profession due to stress — then COVID-19 hit

About 44% of teachers who left voluntarily during COVID-19 cited the pandemic as the primary reason for their exit.

I have nearly $600,000 in student debt after getting four college degrees. Can I still buy a home?

The coronavirus pandemic has complicated the process mortgage lenders use to underwrite home loans for people with student debt.

As the market nosedived last year, my older brother advised me to sell. I lost $80,000. How can I ever forgive him?

‘It was only going to get worse, he proclaimed, and he had 40 years’ experience in the market.’

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Manufacturers grow at fastest pace since pandemic, ISM finds, as economy speeds up

American manufacturers grew in February at the fastest pace since the onset of the pandemic and business leaders are increasingly optimistic about the economy, a new survey showed. The Institute for Supply Management said its manufacturing index climbed to a three-year high of 60.8% last month.

Tesla’s market share in Europe keeps crumbling, as China reclaims top spot in global EV race

Tesla’s share of the critical European battery-electric-vehicle market crumbled in the first month of 2021, and China has taken the top spot from Europe in the EV race, according to new research.

Iran rejects EU offer to resume nuclear talks with U.S.

An Iranian government official said on Sunday that Tehran wouldn’t accept to resume talks to salvage a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers that former U.S. president Donald Trump denounced.

Yogurt giant Danone to sell Chinese unit in bid to appease activist investors

The Danone board will meet on Monday to debate a response to increasing pressure from activist funds.

‘Andrew Cuomo is a colossal a—hole’: John Oliver dissects the New York governor’s recent scandals

The ‘Last Week Tonight’ host addressed the Cuomo administration’s underreported COVID-19 deaths, sexual misconduct allegations and fake philosophical quotes.

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