Li Auto Launches L7 and L8 Electric SUVs


Li Auto Launches L7 and L8 Electric SUVs © Reuters LI Auto (LI) Launches L7 and L8 Electric SUVs

By Michael Elkins

Shares of electric vehicle maker, Li Auto (NASDAQ:) are down 0.7% in pre-market trading Monday morning after the company launched their L8 and L7 SUVs.

The L8 is priced at RMB359.8K for the SS Pro version and RMB399.8K for the SS Max version. The L7 is priced at RMB339.8K (Pro version)/RMB379.8K (Max version), with each version RMB20K lower than that of L8.

The SS Pro is equipped with one Snapdragon 8155 chip and supports 4-screen interaction. The front-row screens can connect to game consoles for wired projection. The SS Max is powered by two Qualcomm 8155 chips delivering higher computing power. It enables 3D spatial interaction from five screens and offers an additional rear-entertainment screen which can be turned on by gesture.

Both the L7 and the L8 support the capability for autonomous driving. Li Auto provides two options to choose from: AD Pro and AD Max. The AD Pro is the world’s first mass-produced smart driving system equipped with Horizon Robotics Journey 5 chip with 128 TOPS computing power. The Li AD Max features two Orin-X chips with 508 TOPS computing power.

Citi Research analysts analyzed both vehicles and wrote in a note: “Our Full-Life-Cycle cost vs vehicle size measure suggests L8 and L7 are overall decent products vs peers. Compared with Voyah Free EREV and AITO M7 EREV, L8 and L7 come as competitive products, with larger vehicle size in terms of cubic meter but slightly lower FLC cost-per-meter-cubic. Yet, Lynk 09 PHEV and BYD Denza D9 represent higher product competitiveness than L8 and L7, with similar price but lower FLC cost-per-meter-cubic.”

Customers can make a reservation for L8 and L7 from Sep 30, 2022. Li L8 display vehicle will reach retail stores on Oct 1, 2022, with delivery starting from early-Nov 2022. Li L7 will be exhibited at Guangzhou Auto Show, with delivery to commence at the end of Feb-23.

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