Dow Jones Newswires: China’s forex reserves declined again in September


China’s foreign-exchange reserves fell for a second straight month in September amid U.S. dollar strength.

The country’s hoard of foreign exchange stood at $3.029 trillion at the end of September, down $25.9 billion from a month earlier, according to data released by the People’s Bank of China on Friday.

Economists had expected China’s forex reserves at $2.995 trillion at the end of September, given pressure from capital outflow via the stock market and the U.S. dollar strengthening against other major currencies, according to a poll by The Wall Street Journal.

Due to the combined effects of exchange-rate changes and a decline in global asset prices, forex reserves decreased in September, said Wang Chunying, deputy head of China’s forex regulator, in a statement.

“The instability and uncertainty factors of the global economy have significantly increased, and fluctuations in the international financial markets have intensified,” Wang added in the statement.

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