Core Power Workshop
Offline Course

Your All-In-One Resource on
Understanding & Investing in Stocks,
Basic to Advanced Options

Go from complete beginner to professional trader ...

*From the session, you will learn:*

How an initial capital of $5000, can yield a min of 5-10% a month, building your 1st million is less than 8 years. Whether you are looking to start investing, a new investor, or seasoned investor, this program is for you.

We are committed to your investing journey when you join our family.

We are here to take participants from L1 to L5 at no further costs and build the community

We only run small boutique classes to ensure all participants are engaged in this intensive hands-on workshop

*Tutorials and Live Trading with Trainers post class are all provided FOC to support our students to profitability.*

*COMPLIMENTARY HAPPINESS PROGRAM (HP) …. Techniques to acquire:*
| Clarity of Mind | Breathing |
| Yoga | Meditation |

Learn the Easy Step By Step Fundamental Analysis

✓ How to find good companies with the help of technology and data analytics

✓ How to find information that gives you the confidence in that company.

✓ The greatest risks, advantages, and disadvantages of stocks and options.

Learn the Easy Step By Step Technical Analysis

✓ Learn how to find the good time to enter and exit your trades.

✓ Learn how to use indicators to help you make your decisions.

 Learn how to set up your machine for Long term and
short term trading to time your entry to get more profits

 Learn how to use the 4 STARS Simple yet Power Techniques to
help you make your decisions.

Exclusive Simple yet powerful
Rules-Based Options Strategies

 Learn how to invest or trade using basic, intermediate and advanced option strategies

 Learn how to use SOP 1 to 5, systematic approach to manage and
adjust your trades, converting losing trades to winning trades.

✓ Gain access to a FULL investing plan for a limited-risk,
easy to understand, rules-based options strategy.

✓ Strict entry/exit triggers and sizing, so you know exactly
when to enter trades, how to size them, and when to exit.

✓ Exclusive analysis and strategies.

Unlimited Access to Lifetime Updates

✓ We will continue to improve and add new content to the course over time
(new research, new educational content, etc.).

✓ As an owner of the course, you’ll have full access to all lifetime updates,
and we’ll notify you whenever we make additions.

✓ As you invest in yourself with this course, you’ll also become part of our like-minded community,
so feel free to ask questions in the forums and let us know how we can help!

Unlimited Support Till You Profit

We have designed our CORE INVEST INSTITUTE course to have the following features:

– Learn Stocks & Options
– Longterm, short term, Day/Swing Trade
– Low Capital 3k/5k – 50k
– High Probability of Win 60-90%
– High ROI > 5%
– Hedge/Save losing Stocks/Forex
– Smart, Simple, Safe
– Safe Trades using 5 levels protection
– Access to high Return/liquidity US market
– Lower Brokerage Fee thru Core Invest
– Individual 1:1 Attention
– Interactive hands-on small classes
– Fundamental, Intermediate, Advanced
– Professional Trading


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Is This Course Right For You?

Our CPW Offline Course is not for everybody.
Read the bullets below to find out if this course is for you.


✓ Any new or seasoned investors who wants to start investing safely in stocks and basic options
with a systematic step by step approach,

Investors who want exclusive, in-depth and up-to-date research
on SG,HK and US companies

✓ You’re a mid to long term premium trader who
wants to learn how to benefit from the Implied Volatility.

✓ Complete beginners who have no idea what a “basic options” are,
but want to get educated and learn conservative, extensively-tested investing strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my access to the course ever expire?
No, as long as you login every month and post questions

What happens after I purchase the course?
You are given 3 months to complete the course, if you didn’t complete, we will refund ½ back to you.

Is the course material ever updated?
Yes, as and when we will update the materials.

Didn’t find the answer you’re looking for?
Send us an email, we will check for you.

Do you provide refunds?
Yes, subject to approval.

What if I don’t understand something in the course and need help?
You can always email us or ask in the forum.

How large of an account do I need to implement the strategies discussed in the course?
As little as $1,000 USD.